Brief history of the school

    Dubai National School is a private, independent institution serving students from Kindergarten to Grade 12 with an international American program of studies to meet the needs of the multi-national community in Dubai. It was inaugurated in August, 1988. Its Strategic locations have been carefully selected to serve interested students in Dubai and Sharjah.
    DNS has now two branches with a total of 5000 students. It has enjoyed strong support from the community since commencement in September, 1988 and has been accredited by NEAS & C since 2003.

    Its High School Diploma is recognized by the Ministry of Education and can be equated with the National Secondary Certificate.
    DNS embraces a commitment to high standards. There is a strong emphasis in teaching students to live in the Islamic faith within the context of the American Education Program.
    The school is governed by a five member Board of Trustees who are very ambitious and keen on providing a first class education and facilities.
    Teachers are recruited locally and internationally and the staff-student ratio is 1:9. Staff development programs are continuously taking place.

    Both students and faculty contribute to the international flavour of the campus and all share in the rights and privileges without discrimination. This focus on diversity and excellence has earned the school an outstanding record on preparing its graduates for university studies.
    Traditional values such as patriotism, good discipline, respect for all and especially the elderly, respect for religious beliefs, loyalty, Silat Al Rahim (family relations) & devotion to truth are highly respected and integrated into the curricula.