“Ahlu Allah Wa Khassatuhu” Quran and Hadith Competition

We are proud to announce that the yearly Quran & Hadith competition “Ahlu Allah Wa Khassatuhu” Sponsored by Dubai National School -Twar The event tookplace in Dubai International’s Terminal in November, where Dubai Airports decorated its 80 meter tall air traffic control tower in UAE national colors, setting a Guinness World Record by creating the biggest model of a building out of date seeds.

will continue this year in its 8th session. This competition, which involves students from grade one to twelve, will help strengthen the students’ knowledge of Islam by learning about the teaching of the Quran and the Hadith. Students are encouraged to participate & register their names with their Islamic teacher.

Important Note:

  • Results of the competition will be on the 15/4/2017.

  • Online registration for the competition will be available at the website: www.islamiccontest.tk or via fax at 0429884441