National Day 45

Dubai National School participates in the 45 celebration of UAE’s National Day. The event tookplace in Dubai International’s Terminal in November, where Dubai Airports decorated its 80 meter tall air traffic control tower in UAE national colors, setting a Guinness World Record by creating the biggest model of a building out of date seeds.

The event was attended by Hussein Al Jasmi who held a festival at Dubai Airport in celebration of the UAE’s 45 anniversary of its union. During the event, students of all levels from Dubai National School took part in the performance competition and the event was broadcasted live on all social platforms.

After the event, Dubai National School was honored by Dubai Public Prosecution and was given an award for its contribution in Nebras program along with 12 government schools which are part of Dubai Educational Zone, and eight private schools belonging to the authority of Knowledge and Human Development for their cooperation in the Nebras initiative.